Ideas are discarded. Plans are cancelled. Projects prove to be unfeasible. In Makulatur Frankfurt director Ksenia Ravvina and choreographer Kristina Veit focus on the artistically peripheral, the creative surplus, which normally lies outside our line of vision. For this, they called upon their artistic colleagues to allow them to use ideas and concepts, which did not make it beyond the bottom drawer. With the help of architect Jan Wind the artist duo are creating an installation – on the basis of the submitted material – in which hidden parts of the creative processes are turned into a spatial experience. On the basis of this installation, they have developed a performance which they presented in Stadttheater Darmstadt and Frankfurt LAB.

Idea, concept: ravvina/veit
Performance: Sven Gey, Alexandar Hadjiev, Kristina Veit
Direction: Ksenia Ravvina
Sound design/Music: Alexandar Hadjiev
Stage design: Jan Wind
Light: Jochen Göpfert
Costumes: Frédéric De Carlo
Dramaturgical advice: Susanne Zaun, Carmen Salinas
Production management: Bernhard Siebert

A production by ravvina/veit in cooparation with the program „Cross-municipal Residencies“ of Tanzplattform Rhein-Main. Funded by Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst and Naspa Stiftung.

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