The Arrival

Premiere: 08 Mai 2021, Theater Münster

What motivates a person to take a step into the foreign? Leaving everything known behind? To start a journey to a new place where everything is nameless and the future is uncertain? Inspired by the graphic novel THE ARRIVAL by the Australian author and illustrator Shaun Tan, director Ksenia Ravvina and the ensemble of the Junges Theater Münster explore the process of change and transformation.  

With an interactive 4D performance and a room installation that stimulates all the senses, the artistic team approaches the emotional world of new beginnings and invites the audience on an expedition to a terra incognita.

Performance: Eva Dorlaß and Valentin Schröteler

Director: Ksenia Ravvina; Music/Sound Design: Alexandar Hadjiev; Video/Stage: Warped Type; Dramaturgy: Monika Kosik; Theatre pedagogy: Lina Lewejohann


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